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Our Story
Our Mission

In 2017, a group of university students stumbled upon a concerning trend in the street ball community. Basketball courts were being stripped of their nets by local authorities as a way to curb crime and prevent youth from gathering at late hours. As they delved deeper, they uncovered an ugly prejudice towards those who frequented these courts, and a disproportionate punishment that targeted those who relied on the courts for physical health and social interaction.

Determined to change the perception of basketball courts as breeding grounds for crime, they founded ClothBlack - a clothing brand that aimed to sell t-shirts and other apparel featuring basketball court mural designs. The profits would be funnelled back into local communities in Calgary, with the aim of turning local courts into beautiful, essential spaces for everyone to enjoy.

Despite their efforts, the sales of their apparel fell short of expectations. But the team was undeterred. They sought out Andrew Cooper, a talented artist based in California, who designed a court mural for a line of hoodies that they produced. With this new direction, they hoped to bring attention to an artist who shared their passion for the game and bring his art to the streets.

Although the hoodie sales also proved disappointing, the team refused to give up. They contacted Dan Peterson, the founder of Project Backboard - a renowned company that paints basketball courts in the United States - who invited the team to California to paint the mural that Andrew Cooper had designed. During their time in California, they were introduced to Venice Ball - a group of inspirational pioneers of the streetball community. Under the expert guidance of Dan and Nick Anson, the founder of Venice Ball, the team learned how to paint large-scale murals on basketball courts.

With newfound skills and inspiration, the idea for Drip & Roll was born. Starting with the local Parks Foundation, the team reached out to community leaders in the Panorama neighbourhood of Calgary, who were eager to pursue a basketball court mural. After successfully completing this project, the team decided to shift their focus from selling t-shirts to providing mural services.

Officially incorporated in 2020, Drip & Roll has been a resounding success - painting numerous basketball courts and wall murals across Calgary, and transforming the community one court at a time.

Paint murals that connect people on and off the court.

Our mission is to create meaningful and inspirational ground murals across the world. We are dedicated to providing our clients with the highest quality murals that inspire, engage, and transform spaces. Our comprehensive range of services encompasses every aspect of mural creation, from initial design and consulting to ongoing maintenance and activation space management.

With your help we can...

Paint the world a better place.

-  Lyndon & Paolo

Intersection of Art & Sport

Basketball is often described as "poetry in motion," with its elegance and grace captivating fans worldwide. Drip & Roll takes this concept to a new level by merging art and sport. Through hand painting basketball courts, Drip & Roll is able to showcase the intersection between the two. Our vibrant and uplifting murals promote mental health and physical activity, inviting members of the community to enjoy the beauty of public art while engaging in the sport of basketball.

Basketball is an ideal platform for promoting inclusivity and community building, as it welcomes individuals of all ages, races, sexes, beliefs, and abilities. Our basketball court murals create a colourful stage that uplifts viewers' mental state, encouraging them to share their experiences and perspectives on the intersection of art and sport.

Even those who may not excel at basketball can still appreciate the thrill of shooting a ball into a net, whether on an actual court or in a casual setting such as tossing a crumpled paper into a trash can and yelling "Kobe!" The addition of art to this scenario elevates the experience, adding a unique and meaningful element that engages the subject on multiple levels.

At Drip & Roll, we are passionate about bringing art and sport together to promote physical health, mental well-being, and community engagement. Join us in celebrating the intersection of poetry and motion, and experience the beauty of public art in a new and exciting way.

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