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Metamorphosis - Brawn Family Rotary Park, North East Calgary - June 2023

Metamorphosis is a profound portrayal of personal growth and resilience, symbolized by the majestic monarch butterfly. As these graceful butterflies dance amidst a vibrant meadow, they remind us to nurture our minds and mental well-being. The flowing streams of blue symbolize life's journey and the importance of adaptability and resilience. A pink sunset glow represents tranquility and the promise of new beginnings. The mural's hard-edge art style emphasizes the interconnectedness of these elements. Metamorphosis sparks inspiration, urging viewers to embrace growth, find solace in life's flow, and seek renewal on their unique journey.


Drip & Roll is excited to showcase the powerful connection between mental and physical well-being through this project. Our intention is to provide an inclusive environment that minimizes barriers and allows people to enjoy the artwork while reaping the benefits of staying active. By painting this meaningful mural on this unique basketball court, we promote both mental and physical health in a harmonious manner.

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